Kaye Shanks



Laura at the Beach - Caught in the Moment Exhibition, 2015 CTM Parkville                    Detail of stitching

My daughter, Laura, playing joyfully at the beach, totally immersed in the moment. She is running in the shallows and throwing sand. I wonder when we lose this ability to be so lost in what we are doing without distraction, to let everything else go and be fully present where we are. Is this joy how we might feel when we are in God's presence?

Price $450-

Light in the Dark - From Darkness into Light Exhibition, 2013, Chapel on Station Gallery , Box Hill

Even though as Christians we have moved from darkness into light, the darkness does not leave us alone and often pursues us in challenging times. Our hope in Christ makes us resilient. Inspired by a quote from my friend, Kathryn Hamann, who was a poet.

Price $400-

Dark Night – Revelation - Conceal Reveal Exhibition 2013, CTM Parkville

We all experience difficult and challenging times in our lives and sometimes we wonder where God is in the midst of it all. He seems hidden and distant but often the divine is revealed in surprising ways.

In this felt piece, I have tried to represent the moment where God breaks in again and the darkness starts to give way. We are left in no doubt that God is indeed present in whatever challenge we are facing.

For me in the midst of my daily family life, part of my faith journey has been learning to wait and walk in the dark, learning to trust that God will once again be present and that he always was. 

Price - $450

Who Am I?

‘I am the bread of life.’ ‘I am the vine.’ ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’

Jesus made many statements about who he was, but who am I? My artwork ponders this question. Am I defined by my roles in life? Am I defined by my relationships with others? Am I defined by personal qualities or emotions? Am I defined by my genetics, medical diagnosis, culture, location or religion or is there something more profound or divine that defines who I am?

Kaye Shanks 2012

Miss Communication - 2011, Drawn to Threads Exhibtion October 2011, Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill.

My father had dementia and my daughter has Autism. They have both struggled to communicate well at times. Materials: Cotton fabric and thread. Synthetic fibre fill.

Techniques: Hand dyed and printed fabric, hand and machine embroidery

"Issy in the Image" 2011 This is my entry for the Religious Art Prize at Chapel on Station Gallery with the theme of In the Image of God. I was awarded a minor prize for this entry. 

This piece shows my daughter Issy and some of her drawing/writing. She is a gorgeous young girl who in her happier moments is filled with such joy, love and kindness that reflects so much of God to me. The world would be richer indeed if we could all share her enthusiasm for life when she is happy. Issy also has Autism and to many people, she is a girl with a disability and unable to participate in life as they would expect and so she is limited by the world around her. Even the church is not always fully embracing of people who are different and present us with challenges  and so the body of Christ remains incomplete.
God is in all of us and embraces all of us equally. He sees us all as gifted, amazing individuals full of potential to love as He does. As Issy’s mother, this fills me with hope as I struggle to help her find her way in life. For someone like Issy, what does it mean for her to be created in the image of God? How can she participate fully in the life of a church community? Does it change your own perception of someone who challenges you to know they are created in the image of God? My prayer is that you are able to see the world differently through this exhibition and be able to respond positively to the image of God in those people you meet. 
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