Kaye Shanks

I belong to a group called Talking Threads.You can find details of our next exhibition at the link below.


The Open Drawer in Hartwell is where you can find some of what I make for sale. You can find their website at


If you belong to a quilting or other group that is looking for a venue for a weekend away, try Sewjourn which my lovely friend Jan runs. It is a very peaceful location in the gorgeous rural town of Lancefield.


Have a look at some of the beatiful things you can buy from Bron at Sewing Bee. You will find her at


Bernadette has some gorgeous embroidery threads and traditional cross stitch samplers at


My friend Kathryn Hamann writes amazing poetry. You will find her at


I have often been involved in collaborative projects with Michael Donnelly and I'm the proud owner of a couple of his works. You can see some of his painting and drawing here


Elpor built the studio. You can find more information about them here -


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